Read some of our students experience at Covenant CNA School

Carrianne M.I  graduated from Covenant CNA School  and I loved it. They are like a family in that the teachers

give everything in them to you and for you. and in return they expect you to do the same. They are not just there for you academically,

if you're willing to do your best there's nothing they won't do for you to make sure you graduate and obtain your certification. I don't feel like

I am at the end of a journey with this wonderful group of people that I've met. I feel like this is just the beginning of a lifetime connection.

Peter Parker I am proof that it is never too late to go back to school. Covenant CNA School  is a very “hands-on” facility. From your first day to your last day of class, the staff helps you pursue your career. I definitely recommend Covenant CNA School  if you are interested in becoming a CNA.


New Career Change

Pre- Nursing

Pre-Physician Assistant (PA)

Pre- Medical

Welcome to Covenant CNA School!

On behalf of the administration, faculty, and staff

welcome to Covenant C.N.A school website.

Choosing a  Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program

that is right for each person is very important.

A career as an CNA is a life changing experience. Your CNA education at Covenant C.N.A. School will change your life.

It is our honor to welcome you to Covenant C.N.A. School.

Pricing Plans

Our mission is to provide the best service, care and match for you and your family

CNA Tutoring $  300

Tutoring for the Georgia Nurse Assistant Competency State Examination is for: Individuals who previously took the State Exam but did not pass the Skills Exam.

Courses and Programs

College Students

Meet Your College Program Requirements

Nursing Programs

PA  Programs

Pre Med Programs
Other Allied Health Programs

Our program reputation reflects the high standards we demand from ourselves and our students by providing constructive training.

Why Choose Covenant CNA School?

Covenant offers short term CNA training  we offer day and weekends CNA classes. Job placement for our graduates.

We give you access to first hand instructors who offer the

benfit of years of real world experience.  

All clinical training is conducted at an approved nursing faclitie so you get hands on experience in anctual working environment.

Our students are from Atlanta and the surrounding

Metro areas including: Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb,

Gwinnett and Henry counties.

In addition, we have served international students from more than 70 countries. The increase in longevity and changes in the Healthcare System have created a need for diversity amongst skilled

Certified Nursing Assistants.

Are you Unemployed or Underemployed ?

Visit your local Workforce Board for funding resources.

You may be eligible to receive free training through the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act Grant

Orientations Every Monday at 9 am  Wed & Fri at  9am

774 Jordon  Lane Bldg # 3

Dectur, GA 30033

Operating Hours

Monday-Friday 10 am -3:30 pm
Saturday – By appointments
Sunday – By appointment
Online Services 24/7
Text Services 24/7

Enroll Now

CNA Tuition $640

Age Requirement 17 years or older GED/High School Diploma Not Required. No
Felony’s & Certain Misdemeanors disqualify individuals from our program.  Pregnant students must come in for an interview prior to enrollment before making a deposit.

Coming Soon Second location
Covenant CNA School  Forest Park

561 Forest Parkway
Forest Park, GA

Phone: 404-733-5491

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Our Programs

Certfied Nursing Assitants  (CNA)

CNA  Advance Clinical Rotation

Tutoring for GA CNA State Exam

Bilimgual (Spanish) Certtified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

Cardiopulmonary Resusctiaion (CPR)

First Aid

Psychiatric Technican Level I - Coming Soon

What Does Nurse Assistant Training Entail?

Short-Term Nurse Assistant training from Covenant CNA School is designed to prepare you to successfully complete the certification examination that is required to become a Nurse Assistant. Training will cover the various aspects of the position as outlined in the Georgia Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook, including monitoring vital signs, the basics of physical therapy, equipment handling procedures, the applicable laws and regulations that

pertain to the profession, and effective patient communication techniques.

Covenant CNA School Quality Stanndards of Excellence with an Unparalleled Commitment to Patient Care

1755 The Exchange SE Atlanta GA 30339 (Atlanta)  770-573-0379  (Forest Park) 404-733-5491   (Text Hot line 24 Hrs) 678-235-4283   (Email)

Allied Health Profesionals

High School Juniors and Seniors

High School Counslors and Teachers

Hospital Employees

Orientations Every Monday at 9 am

818 Pollard Blvd SW Atlanta, GA 30315

Coming soon - Psychiatric Technician Level 1 $150 Deposit

Coming soon -  Certified Medication Aide

Must have a current CNA certification

Orientations Every Monday at 9 am  Wed & Fri at  9am

774 Jordon  Lane Bldg # 3

Dectur, GA 30033

Our Students

We teach our students the value of intellectual and practical skills in order to help them develop an heightened sense of responsibility for themselves, patients, clients, or residents. We consistently graduate a higher quality of students and empower them to receive certifications with higher passing rates.

Free career training for

military spouses.

Call Today! (770) 573-0370

 Career Services

CCNAS is here to help students prepare for the future jobs and internships. We will work with you to make sure all the tools and information you need to be successful.


CNA Class Hours

Day 10 am to 3pm


4 weeks
Weekends 8 am to 4:30pm

Saturday and Sunday

5 weekends

Apply Online

3700 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SW

Atlanta, GA 30331

Business Services

Criminal Background Check

TB Screening

Corporate Training

Employer Recruitment

Public Speaking

Senior Care Service

Notary Public

Apply Online

Walk ins welcome

463 Commerce Park Drive Ste 100

Marietta , GA 30060

Our goal is simple

To create learning success
stories,one student at a time.

Covenant CNA School has been helping students

fulfill their potential goal in the healthcare industry.

We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with our student’s.

We Are A

Georgia state approved CNA
program through the Georgia Health Partnership and WIOA approved.

Class Dates

March 20 Day
March 25 Weekend
April 10 Day
May 1 Day
April 6 Weeken

Enroll Now

CNA Course Deposit $290

Covenant CNA School requires a deposit of $290.00 to reserve placement in the Certified Nursing Assistant Program. The deposit is applied to fees and tuition. All monies received are non-refundable

Certified Nursing Assistant Training

Students learn how to Take and Record the  Patient’s Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse Rate, and Respiration.

Psychiatric Technician Level I

Learn to Provide Hands-On Care to Individuals with Mental Health Issues through Observance and  Interaction.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitaion (CPR) and First Aid Training

Our Instructors are Certified through the American Heart Association (AHA)

Bilingual (Spanish) Certified Nurse Assistant Training

If your First Language is Not English or if you are Fluent in Two Languages, Covenant CNA School Offers a Bilingual CNA Program.


Our primary goal is to help students pursue their careers in the medical arena


Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines may qualify for military education benefits.

Financial Assistance

We have several financial assistance programs available through non-profit and governmental organizations.

Covenant CNA School
Making  A Difference in Health care

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1755 The Exchange Suite 375 Atlanta, GA 30339,

Phone:770 - 573 - 0370, Email:

CNA Training

Covenant CNA School provides CNA Training. We also offer Advance clinical training at  prestigious Atlanta Hospital

Our Focus

Covenant is committed to providing the

best CNA training

Our focus is providing excellent training,

dedication,strong moral values, and an unparalleled commitment to the Covenant we make with our students andfuture patients they will serve.